MISTERDOCTER + Auxy = Banging New House Music!

This is one of the new MISTERDOCTER tracks from the Flaunts/Wants EP that debuted last week. This track Flaunting A Wanting was made using the app Auxy 2.0 for iOS. You can hear more from Flaunts/Wants at Mr. Dr.’s Soundcloud. https://youtu.be/lnSBQ2EccUE Read a previous post about Auxy.

App Review! Auxy Gets An iOS 9 Update + New Mr. Dr. Music. (three mixes) Made w/ Auxy.

Does anyone remember Auxy? Auxy is the gold standard iOS app for making and writing songs without needing to read standard musical notation or even play an instrument. Here’s an Auxy Introductory post I wrote back in February 2015. Auxy is fully updated for iOS 9 and great new features were added. Unfortunately some classic […]