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Mark S. Music Video Still Kills

Nearly Needless Notes (2018 new recording w/ Vocals) – MISTERDOCTER

This song of mine with the (Un?)necessarily alliterative consonant letter N trebled title of  ‘NNN’ is  my favorite to sing live.  However, This 2018 version  has my precorded vocals . Nearly Needless Notes has a history going back about three and a half years. it started out as an instrumental track that I posted to […]

Mark S. Music Motor Revving

MISTERDOCTER – More Tired Than Tied

Mark S. Music Motor Revving Seen & Shared

Spotlight On Track 5 from Mr. Dr.’s EP Flaunts/Wants- Flaunt

You can haz moar MISTERDOCTER?? That is a link direct to their SoundCloud homebase.