Is The Denver Art Society A Non Profit School? Read One Attorney’s Findings.

This is the July 2016 report from Artist/Attorney John Campbell about Denver Art Society REPORT TO THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE DENVER ART SOCIETY.pdf

Gary Google Stitched Up A Mighty Fine Photograph.

I took the original photos sure, but only an algorithm like Gary Google owns could turn my boring bus station photos into this, a scenic Rocky Mountain vista… Thanks Gary!

The Last Mundane Monday (Ask Mondale!)

And so it goes it goes it goes. If there’s a Hell below we’re all going to go and so on the second day of November Monday 11 to 2020 the election is tomorrow the selection is Wednesday erection is today and my inflection is John Mayer the French word for it is worth noting that Guyana Is neither French nor a guy nor named Anna but still that it’s a flag below brightly on…

Day One Entry: Sep 16, 2014

Denver is fat, full of freaks. Yep. Ever since January 1, 2014 Denver has changed. I can’t blame it entirely on the legalization of marijuana, but you must admit how loud a siren song legal weed is singing. A clarion call to all the kooks, cops, con artists and cool dads from Colfax Ave. to Costa Rica. I like freaks. I am a freak. I even fronted a funk band called freakboy #9 in the…