The Mr. Dr. Music Mission Ep. 2

Here is the second episode of The Mr. Dr. Music Mission, a podcast which features original songs from artists I know and love. This episode features Product 626 with a real funkified track, hip-hop from local legend URL Gravy, and finally a experimental excursion from TUNG & GRUV.  please listen below at your leisure. If you would like to hear more of the Mr. Dr. Music Missions please visit

Ayahuasca De La Calle Colorado! A New Podcast 4 The Peoples From Us 2 U! ➡️❤️

Here is a link to go listen to our very first podcast.

My cohost Ramon and I have been unsuccessfully trying to start this community building podcast for nearly a year! We hope you are listening with open ears and clear hearts. Our goal is to beautify the environment in knowledge and Art to grow inclusive loving safe communities without fear of restrain. Please let us know what you think or 720.757.0264