¡Ayahuasca De La Calle Colorado! w/ Your Hosts Ramon y Marco. Episode 3

Hey Peeps! Marry Christmas and App Any Oooh Year!

Up above there is the third episode of our fledgling podcast ¡Ayahuasca De La Calle Colorado! Our show is shared with you as a invitation to join us in attempting to make our external physical world and shared enviros more beautiful in every way. While also focusing our inner selves to be exquisitely love filled and wholly livable… By Any Means Necessary. Yes, we know it is only a podcast, and yes It’s crazy ambitious! But we think our community and us people are worth the effort. You are too! Join us in our journey by listening up above or just click anchor.fm  to visit our home page. Much love to Anchor.fm for making all this possible. Go download the Anchor app too!


Mark y Ramon

Pass It On...

Sang It! (Finally Some New Mr. Dr. Music!)

Well a lot has happened in the last month.
The Denver Broncos are Super Bowl champions.
I program the musical acts that perform at Denver Art Society.
I got a day job?
And I 4 Rills Dough fell in love???


Go On Just Sang It! Girl…

Pass It On...