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Oh The Tiles, Th3 Movement & Th3 Rest.

Oh Kay,
This 8s Knot an at5emp5 to make obfuscations appear clear but rather a demonstration of my sincere wish 5o b3 com0keteky transparent regarding #LimitlessInfinity and the placement of tiles on public walls, bridges, light posts, etc. I welcome and gladly invite your questions and comments either in person when 5iles are being plac3d on location, or via this website after any blog posting of new tile displays. So far I am lean8ng towards always revealing their exact locations in every instance but I have not yet heard an op8nion from any municipality so mums the end of Crysanthe in my world.

p.s. These photos are all from Denver Colorado.

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#Limitless Infinity Update w/ New Pix + Thoughts 4 Valentines Day

I always believed the Beatles when they would sing ‘all you need is Love…’
So I would say to people ‘All we need is more Love…’
(Yes I am a bit of a soft touch. Have you seen my glasses?)
But realistically regarding love I know that most folks probably feel more like –
Love is almost enough nearly 1/2 the time every other third Tuesday to meet their needs…

But Today is different. February 14 is St. Valentine’s Day.
Happy Birthday Hope D!
Valentine’s is the day on which even the ugliest of Hatebreed fans (redundancy?)
will allow themselves to think and believe that
Love Is The Answer…
without immediate spontaneous corporeal combustion.

So in that spirit please allow me to feed you some irrational fruits made with love this Valentines Day 2018.
More Limitless Infinity & Tiling On.

My goal was (and still is) to honor the life of John J. Campbell, a mentor and fellow artist who passed away in 2017, and also to provide aid and comfort to his widow Annie Campbell. I decided that painting, mounting and displaying 2000 tiles would be a beautiful way to honor John and his hyper prolific art output. Annie gave us some of John’s art supplies to start the memorial and we were off and painting last summer. After the tiles are painted they are curated and mounted on wood panel for first display only at the Aloft Hotel in downtown Denver on 15th and Stout. So many thanks to their amazing super friendly professional staff for all their support and help.

now see the chaos from which they emerge..

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