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Apollo Geez! Fork Rays He For Matting…

Apologies For Crazy Formatting…

I have to choose to look, I’m gonna go with God. I’m gonna go to church. I want to be around people that go to church. I want to finish up with them. I want to read the Bible every day. Because God speaks in men to people.

Do you have to

speak to them through this spirit? Because

MD Stenger
what version of the Bible do you read? Continue reading Apollo Geez! Fork Rays He For Matting…

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(April Fools First Friday) Denver Art Society = Welcome Donald Trump!

It’s true. Donny T is coming to the D on Friday.

Donny T could visit the Denver Art Society. We will be open, as will all the galleries on Santa Fe Dr.  It’s the #FirstFriday Artwalk!

Everyone in Colorado should come to DAS this Friday April 1st!

Donald Trump just might buy some decadent (read: Expensive) art from me and the other galleries on Santa Fe Dr.


Here is some very decadent art of mine for Donny T  2 eye and buy…

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Our 1st Social Media Stenger Sighting!

Hi Stenger’s out there! My name is Mark Stenger, and I am on a quest to unite the Stenger diaspora.  How? By finding any and all Stenger ephemera online and sharing it with all of you.

This pic is pretty straightforward. Somewhere out there exists a Stenger in JROTC! Marching, drilling, hmmmm…. What else they do? Flags. They also do flags. This pic was found on Facebook.

Evidence Of The Stenger Diaspora Persists.

For more sightings click STENGER!!!

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