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Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: 5.03 The Slack Is Over. Get Up! Are You Koallified?–Get-Up–Are-You-Koallified-e1vq2hl

Ladies and gentlemen, a brand new, MISTERDOCTER track!

I just made a song with GarageBand on my iPhone and I wanted you to hear it. You can check it out here on SoundCloud:


Hello Mr. Williams,I appreciate your note last Tuesday was sent in earnest and I apologize for my delay in response to your communication. I have just now first seen and read it late on Saturday night. I am sure that I have no connection to any writing on walls with Markers. It’s true I am an oil painter but my medium is strictly canvas and certainly not walls of our building. I will come down…

The MRDR Music Mission: 4.06! Yeah We Mighty And We Holy… We Never Talk To The Police. The Memorial Day 2022 Music Mission.

4.06! Yeah We Mighty And We Holy… We Never Talk To The Police. The Memorial Day 2022 Music Mission. The MRDR Music Mission Well hello hello hello it’s Memorial Day 2022 and we are very proud to present you with several iterations of Do You Have A Place In Heaven by MISTERDOCTER. This track is a.k.a. the grinders anthem! So keep on grinding get that Rollie. Never hesitate to shoot that troll you see? The…

Mark Art 2 Market? (twentytwentytwo)

I have been concentrating most of my creative energy visually into oils on canvas since the pandemic took over our lives in 2020. I have not put any significant percentage of this Artistic output online as of yet but I will still continue to hope to do so in the nearer future. Until then here is a small smattering of digital art that I have made in this calendar year of twenty twenty two.


One Hour Of Our Texts. (Unexpurgated/Unsaid)

5.11.22 Are you ok? Because I’m not. I hope it’s just middle aged rage but I find myself getting better hand then All of a sudden I find myself in Melanie’s company again and every nerve and vein and cell in my body is screaming at my brain “how did she get back here with us again!!???” Like a herpes outbreak or an alcoholic going to an AA meeting – they all just keep coming…