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Chicken Spinato Soup – A Delicious Recipe

The Culinary Journey to ‘Chicken Spinato Soup’: A Tale of Collaboration and Flavor


There’s something truly special about creating a new recipe – it’s not just about the food; it’s about the story, the collaboration, and the little twists along the way. This is the tale of how “Chicken Spinato Soup” came to life – a delightful concoction born from a unique blend of ingredients and a shared love for hearty, comforting flavors.

The Starting Point:

It all began with a simple request for a recipe, but not just any recipe. The challenge was to create a soup using a half-week-old rotisserie chicken, some fresh spinach, and potatoes. But there was a twist – no broth on hand! This is where our culinary adventure took off.

Developing the Base – Chicken Stock:

Our first step was making a homemade stock, simmering the chicken carcass to extract every ounce of flavor. This step set the foundation for our soup, proving that great dishes often start with humble beginnings.

Adding the Salsa – A Surprise Twist:

As we progressed, a surprise ingredient emerged – a jar of mild, fresh salsa. This unconventional addition was a game-changer, infusing the soup with a vibrant, tangy kick that beautifully complemented the other ingredients.

Rustic and Hearty – The Texture Play:

In the realm of texture, we opted for rusticity. Roughly chopped onions and chunky garlic pieces sautéed in olive oil added a robust, homely feel. The potatoes, diced and tender, brought heartiness, while the fresh spinach added a touch of lightness and color.

Chicken Spinato Soup – The Recipe:

1. Simmer chicken carcass in water to make a stock.

2. Sauté roughly chopped onions and large garlic pieces.

3. Add potatoes, then pour in the homemade stock and salsa.

4. Season with salt, pepper, and optional herbs.

5. Add shredded chicken and chopped spinach.

6. Finish with a splash of milk or cream.

The Magic of Simplicity – Seasoning and Cooking:

What made Chicken Spinato Soup truly stand out was its embrace of simplicity. Gentle simmering allowed the flavors to meld. The layering of ingredients ensured each element had its moment to shine, culminating in a rich, cohesive blend.

Nutritional Harmony:

Beyond taste, the soup was a harmonious blend of nutrition – proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins dancing together in every spoonful.


This journey wasn’t just about making soup; it was about creativity, adaptation, and the joy of cooking. Chicken Spinato Soup is more than a dish; it’s a testament to the beauty of collaboration in the kitchen. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the best recipes are the ones we create together, with a sprinkle of innovation and a whole lot of love.


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