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my name is mark.

I used to be a bad person.

I consumed without ceasing.

I am an artist.

I always used to be an artist.

i am here to make up for lots and

lots of living the wrong way…

I am always unsure about some specificity.

i can do anything.

every thing that exists is created

there is nothing that i did not destroy

anything had no meaning without me

I did all the bad I could

to make good worth doing now

i hurt everyone and anyone

everything done without conception of other.

that was the old me.

I am still the same but now

I am an artist.

As long as I walk this earth I have purpose

A daily duty.

The only only thing that needs

My getting it done is to

Create community

Share goodwill and happiness.

Spread loving bring cheer to

Help end suffering.

Less bling with more being

So Everything Can sing.

Be kind to all as

no thing is worth nothing.

All are to be cherished for

no soul is so far away from love

not any thing.

create a new existence

everyday is my hallelujah.

I have to make up for lots and

lots of living the wrong way…

i leapt without leaping.

frustration is not just figurative

Yet forgivess can be freeing

i do not know how or will I ever tell you
The right way to live or
Why it is the wrong way I lived

because I am an artist

i create compulsively.

i do not know how you should live your life

but I know now why you should live your life.

i love you.

I am trying now


This statement was originally written and placed on the front page of on 6.01.18