Gary Google Stitched Up A Mighty Fine Photograph.

I took the original photos sure, but only an algorithm like Gary Google owns could turn my boring bus station photos into this, a scenic Rocky Mountain vista… Thanks Gary!

Rico Rockette – Shatter Proof (audio) 2020

Here is Shatter Proof, one new track from Rico Rockette. Enjoy the Audio Explicitly Yours,

Day One Entry: Sep 16, 2014

Denver is fat, full of freaks. Yep. Ever since January 1, 2014 Denver has changed. I can’t blame it entirely on the legalization of marijuana, but you must admit how loud a siren song legal weed is singing. A clarion call to all the kooks, cops, con artists and cool dads from Colfax Ave. to… Continue reading Day One Entry: Sep 16, 2014