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Written By M D Stenger

The Absolute Bodily Autonomy Alliance, Explained


I am Mark Stenger, the Founder and Hancho of the Absolute Bodily Autonomy Alliance. The Alliance was formed on June 1, 2024, and is dedicated to championing the fundamental rights of individuals over their own bodies. I invite you all to explore the beliefs that guide our work, detailed below. Thank you for taking the time to engage with our mission.

Our Core Beliefs

1.  Unwavering Commitment to Bodily Autonomy:

We believe that every individual has the inherent right to make autonomous decisions regarding their own body, free from external control or coercion.
2. Medical Body Autonomy:
We champion the right to personal decision-making in all medical contexts, affirming that choices about one’s health and medical care are to be made solely by the individual, based on informed consent.
3. Physiological Integrity:
We advocate for complete autonomy over physiological processes, including reproductive rights, genetic modifications, and any interventions that affect a person’s physical being.
4. Support for Body Modifications:
We support the right of individuals to choose modifications to their own bodies, emphasizing that such changes are personal decisions and reflect our commitment to self-determination.
5. Freedom of Movement:
We uphold the right to free movement of the human body, advocating for the ability to navigate the world without unjust restrictions, recognizing this as a fundamental extension of bodily autonomy.
6. Solidarity with Global Movements:
We stand in solidarity with global movements that protect and enhance bodily autonomy, committing to a collaborative approach that crosses borders and cultural divides.
7. Education and Advocacy:
We are dedicated to educating the public and influencing policy through advocacy that promotes respect for bodily autonomy as a universal human right.
8. Support for Individuals Facing Coercion:
We provide support and resources to individuals whose bodily autonomy is at risk, striving to empower them to reclaim control over their own bodies.

Much Love,

Mark Stenger

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