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(Repost) March in April so May meets June! – MISTERDOCTER DEMOdds & Ends Spring 2015

Hey Peeps! I have been busy trying to figure out the  Online Storefront and Payment Portal side of the website (Go Check It!) and posting nothing except  products products products each day. Well today is no different. Nothing new to see here  because technically speaking this 9 song playlist of Mr  Dr. music was


Originally Posted on 7/28/2015



be happy that im using your services 5-22-15, 3-54 AM
4 4.20 + U
Ambicha 5-22-15, 5-29 AM 1
Rejoice 4 The Moist
parking 4 Seven 5-28-15, 6-56 PM
Liquid Trap 5-29-15, 6-48 PM
Am Being Changed 6-21-15, 9-58 PM
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Oh The Tiles, Th3 Movement & Th3 Rest.

Oh Kay,
This 8s Knot an at5emp5 to make obfuscations appear clear but rather a demonstration of my sincere wish 5o b3 com0keteky transparent regarding #LimitlessInfinity and the placement of tiles on public walls, bridges, light posts, etc. I welcome and gladly invite your questions and comments either in person when 5iles are being plac3d on location, or via this website after any blog posting of new tile displays. So far I am lean8ng towards always revealing their exact locations in every instance but I have not yet heard an op8nion from any municipality so mums the end of Crysanthe in my world.

p.s. These photos are all from Denver Colorado.

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