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Mark S. Music Motor Revving Seen & Shared Video Still Kills

This Is My Sunday Night. Music. Drums. Art. Dance.

Every Sunday night there is an open drum circle at the Denver Art Society which is hosted by Denver Drum & Dance. All are welcome. Let me say that again. All are welcome and encouraged to come. Bring a drum if you have one or just bring yourself. There are extra drums people bring so anyone can participate. Ecstatic dancing and hula hooping are also commonplace here on Sunday nights. There is a potluck snack table for communal utility as well as lots of beautiful artwork to peruse or purchase all around DAS. The evening begins at 6pm with live electronic music from MISTERDOCTER. Feel free to join in with vocals or any other instrumentation during his set. This night is really about open collaboration and creation of music and art. Around 7pm the drum circle begins taking shape and it continues until 9:30. So come experience Denver Drum & Dance Sunday Nights. We will uplift you.

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