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March In April So May Meets June. MISTERDOCTER DEMOdds & Ends Spring 2015.

Am Being Changed 6-21-15, 9-58 PM
Liquid Trap 5-29-15, 6-48 PM
parking 4 Seven 5-28-15, 6-56 PM
Rejoice 4 The Moist
Ambicha 5-22-15, 5-29 AM 1
4 4.20 + U
be happy that im using your services 5-22-15, 3-54 AM
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A Song I Wrote w/ Auxy

Auxy is a powerfully creative iOS app for making music. But it’s not just a ‘loops 4 dummies’ app. You have complete loop autonomy: Choose the notes, the tempo, sound timbres, even the key signature and much much more. But don’t take my word for it. Check out their website.

Listen to this song I created/performed with Auxy, and then go get it for yourself.
Auxy App!
Send me your best songs to mark@markstenger(dot)com!

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