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Loving My Devices Has Got Me Learning 2 Love Making EDM

Techno music. That’s what we called it in the 90’s. Heck, I know a lot of folks who still call electronic dance music ‘Techno’, and it is really a term of derision to them. Maybe that’s why Techno changed their name to EDM. I personally like the word techno for a genre of music but I’m old. The nomenclature switch is a tiny bit like Kentucky Fried Chicken, a great restaurant name period, changing to KFC. I’m sure name changes fool even the smartest of us occasionally, but Kentucky chicken is still fried and EDM is still not acoustic music.
Since I can’t/don’t carry my guitar everywhere, I have been musical on my iPods and IPads for years. But mainly just to mix and edit recordings of music previously written and performed. Now though, the music creation apps are incredibly intuitive and sophisticated. Writing, performing, even recording entire albums on your devices is possible now. The other day I wrote a brief post about Auxy. Well another app I love is Launchpad. Just get it. Nuff said. Wait, here is a statement about Launchpad’s power. This app is teaching me to love making dubstep music. I know. Dubstep.
Here is the latest creation of mine using Launchpad.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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