“TLC 4 JDC COD” A 4th Reach Back Mr. Dr. Track Is Here 4 Your Ears 2 Hear 4 Years & Years. (unless Trump trumps)

This 2015 hype house hips shaker is titled and dedicated to My friend Julie (JDC in the track title). I have not seen her for awhile now so Let us all hope she is able to listen in good health whilst dancing away the night. Mark

Transmorfin – Reach Back Mr. Dr. Track 3/50

Hi Peeps! Transmorfin is the third post in a series called Reach Back MISTERDOCTER Tracks. This is My gimmicky name for the process of getting more of my music uploaded to my public website. Transmorfin contains explicit language- the F word is said about 50 times – also it is one of the very first songs I made using a majority of self-created loops and sounds. I like it hope u do 2! Mark Transmorfin

‘Bread, LED, Good Head’ is This Weeks Reach Back Mr Dr. Track

Hey Peeps, I am only a week late in getting this song up and out of digital lockdown and into your relatively clean! Earbuds and headphones. This song is almost 8 minutes long and takes the listener to several sonically different landscapes if they will just let go of any semblance of quantitative expectations.

The Very First Reach Back Mr. Dr. Track – ‘So No Flash Sing Smash’

Hey Peeps- I wanted to post more of my music online than just what is available on Soundcloud. So I hemmed up a gimmicky title (Reach Back Mr. Dr. Track) with a pledge (to post a song each week) to force myself into making my goal globally conscious. Huh? Anyway here’s the first of 50! Yes I know this is a soundcloud track, but dang it I love this track so cut me some slack…

Loving My Devices Has Got Me Learning 2 Love Making EDM

Techno music. That’s what we called it in the 90’s. Heck, I know a lot of folks who still call electronic dance music ‘Techno’, and it is really a term of derision to them. Maybe that’s why Techno changed their name to EDM. I personally like the word techno for a genre of music but I’m old. The nomenclature switch is a tiny bit like Kentucky Fried Chicken, a great restaurant name period, changing to…