‘Bread, LED, Good Head’ is This Weeks Reach Back Mr Dr. Track

Hey Peeps, I am only a week late in getting this song up and out of digital lockdown and into your relatively clean! Earbuds and headphones. This song is almost 8 minutes long and takes the listener to several sonically different landscapes if they will just let go of any semblance of quantitative expectations.

MISTERDOCTER + Auxy = Banging New House Music!

This is one of the new MISTERDOCTER tracks from the Flaunts/Wants EP that debuted last week. This track Flaunting A Wanting was made using the app Auxy 2.0 for iOS. You can hear more from Flaunts/Wants at Mr. Dr.’s Soundcloud. https://youtu.be/lnSBQ2EccUE Read a previous post about Auxy.