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Big Announcement For All Artists + Deep Dream Dames

Hey Peeps, Big announcement  time! Starting April 1, I will be relocating to Brooklyn, NY to help coordinate 6 weeks of pop-ups at the Artifications Gallery in Williamsburg. Do you make art? Would you like to show it in NYC as a one night only Pop-up art show and sale? would you like to sell […]

It's A Family Affair Video Still Kills

Today Is 02.20.18 Hmmmmm…

Hi Peeps, Today is twos day. Two day is twos day two twenty twenty eighteen. I think I missed a couple punctuation marks back there. Let me write it with numbers instead of letters posing as numbers. 2day is 2’s day 02.20.2018. I dunno. I was thinking that today’s date was significant for some reason […]

Mark Art Market

Am I Almost Finished Hand Painting Two Thousand Tiles? #LimitlessInfinity Update

Unfortunately there is really no easy way to know (without counting) exactly how many tiles I have painted thus far. My goal is to have 2018 tiles painted and ready for display by April 1, 2018. This date marks the one year anniversary of my friend and mentor artist John J. Campbell’s passing. As of […]

It's A Family Affair Mark Art Market

Limitless Infinity Party Palaver

201,800 Tiles?
Limitless Infinity!

OK I will help you

Hi. Thank you for getting being and staying Aloft with us. Grace and I are simpatico with the Aloft Hotel Downtown Denver in that we do not turn people away that would like to stay and most important of all, don’t walk out without buying some of Grace Noel’s art.
She is our/the/only Wellspring of Limitless Infinity.

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From This Pic Of Sagie Comes A Prose Just 4 Gracie.

Your Fine Fab Fall Photo Frames My Kung Fu Foot As Funking Up Steel Beams This Building Be ShooK! But Professionally Dogged Sagie She Sees Always All Fairly The Same Snorts First At Fame’s Fakery Then Thirstily Exhales Her Claim Fool Clanked Couple! Eyes So Shut! Building Beams Steel Sun Up Setting Fires All Up […]