Today Is 02.20.18 Hmmmmm…

Hi Peeps,
Today is twos day. Two day is twos day two twenty twenty eighteen. I think I missed a couple punctuation marks back there. Let me write it with numbers instead of letters posing as numbers.
2day is 2’s day 02.20.2018.
I dunno. I was thinking that today’s date was significant for some reason but I can’t recall what that significance was. So instead today I would invite you all to significantly note my mother’s half birthday. Six months ago she turned the square root of four hundred and ninety years old. I think so… no wait maybe its the square root of four thousand and nine hundred years old. Is that right?  Ok the age she turned six months ago today might be better expressed in numerical jargon as the cube root of thirty four thousand three hundred years old.
Ummmm… can somebody go ask Star Trek? I gotta get to DAS
Watch this video shot by Cosmic Cameraman Grace Noel in the not so meantime will ya?

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Limitless Infinity Party Palaver

Limitless Infinity
201,800 Tiles?
Limitless Infinity!

OK I will help you

Hi. Thank you for getting being and staying Aloft with us. Welcome to the Aloft Hotel Downtown Denver and our investigation of Limitless Infinity. My name is Mark Stenger and together with Grace Noel we’re throwing a Big Art Party. With Chicken Wings. And Breckinridge Brewery beer. A Big Art Party For everybody. Anybody. For Whoever, whomever, and whosoever shows up is instantly already invited. Grace and I are simpatico with the Aloft Hotel Downtown Denver in that we do not turn people away that would like to stay. They do have to pay but hey, is there a different way? Limitless infinity is our exclamation of God. Of our beloved Goddess, being Goddite, looking Goddish. Getting God-alicious? Limitless Infinity. Free chicken wings for looking at some art. Some Panels & Some Tiles.
After years of artlessly wandering in the digital wilderness and only drawing on my iPad or my iPhone or my iPod or live human bodies, I wanted to get tactile again. I wanted to get messy. Again I wanted to create things not easily absorbed nor produced, not easily duplicated or erased. In July 2017 I found a box of 6 x 6 ceramic tiles in my mother’s basement. My friend and fellow artist John Campbell had recently passed away in April and his widow Annie had given unto me a whole mess of her late husband John’s oil paint markers. I mean like 158 of them. Every color every size tip fine medium extra fat, even chisel tip to really embarrass the extra fine among us. So A friend’s death plus A discarded box of ceramic tiles plus the Aloft Hotel Downtown Denver equals Limitless Infinity. I have been telling everyone I know that I am going to paint 2000 of these tiles and then I will be done. But now I’m getting that monumental feeling that hits some time in your mid 40s and I started to do a little figuring and maybe I can handpaint 20,000 ceramic tiles.
Limitless Infinity. Thank you for coming thank you for looking at them. Every loving tile I paint over the course of the show will be shown right here in the lobby of the fabulous Aloft. Tonight is the beginning of Limitless Infinity. There is Noel & there is No End.
Thank you for partying with Grace and Mark. Don’t drink too much free Breckinridge Brewery beer. Don’t eat too little. Do spend the night with us at Aloft Hotel Downtown Denver. (Ask Me 4 The Discount Code) and most important of all, don’t walk out without buying some of Grace Noel’s art. She is headed 2 NYC on Thursday.
She is our/the/only Wellspring of Limitless Infinity.

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From This Pic Of Sagie Comes A Prose Just 4 Gracie.

Sage Watches Out 4 Me As I Kick Pole
Your Fine Fab Fall Photo Frames My Kung Fu Foot As Funking Up Steel Beams This Building Be ShooK!
But Professionally Dogged Sagie She Sees Always
All Fairly The Same Snorts
First At Fame’s Fakery Then Thirstily Exhales Her Claim

Fool Clanked Couple! Eyes So Shut! Building Beams Steel
Sun Up
Setting Fires All Up My
Must Shade Sage Quick Hutt Hutt! – What’s Out is Put
Right Side Up And Over Board to Death’s Last Rattle Snake Eyes Up Front
No Doubt Goes KaPut!

To get some free conciousness.

(Originally Published 10/25 on Facebook

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