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Ritualed Sweet Beetle’s Wet – A MISTERDOCTER Track.
Doing differing rituals at a perpendicular constancy to a permanent site. Some mountain or cliff face that has been etched only with millennia. The fresh clique Seeks after the sense of permanence present here to add lustre to their energetic recency rituals performed on this site of eons.
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Hear Here! Hear The Latest MRDR Music Mission Right Here.

The MRDR Music Mission is an unironic sonic tonic hidden inside of a podcast. Every episode, or ‘Music Mission’ consists of 3 or 4 original songs written and performed by the artists who wrote and composed them. The tracks are each willfully selected (ear marked?) by MRDR and represent a wide variety of musical genres. The MRDR Music Mission artist cohort is populated by friends, colleagues and collaborators encountered over his 3+ decades of musical immersion at all levels in Colorado and around the country. Bookmark this page to always find the most recent MRDR Music Mission. If you would like to to support this podcast or find platforms to download previous episodes of the MRDR Music Mission visit

Here Is One MRDR SoundCloud. Can You Find The Rest?
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(Repost) March in April so May meets June! – MISTERDOCTER DEMOdds & Ends Spring 2015

Hey Peeps! I have been busy trying to figure out the  Online Storefront and Payment Portal side of the website (Go Check It!) and posting nothing except  products products products each day. Well today is no different. Nothing new to see here  because technically speaking this 9 song playlist of Mr  Dr. music was


Originally Posted on 7/28/2015



be happy that im using your services 5-22-15, 3-54 AM
4 4.20 + U
Ambicha 5-22-15, 5-29 AM 1
Rejoice 4 The Moist
parking 4 Seven 5-28-15, 6-56 PM
Liquid Trap 5-29-15, 6-48 PM
Am Being Changed 6-21-15, 9-58 PM