Day One Entry: Apr 22, 2018

My god it is so beautiful here Brooklyn. Looking at the World Trade Center Looking at the Empire State Building. Looking at the Chrysler building I am here at the NYC ferry stop. Just four blocks from my house. My gallery. My playpen des artes brut. Come visit soon before the weather turns even better and the pier becomes the zoo.

420fication! Cannabis Art Show In Brooklyn

420fication! Kind Illusions by Manning Turner Hey Brooklyn Peeps! Here is a 4/20 art event to come #PuffTuff at the Artifications Gallery Space in Brooklyn. Admission is free to the public so what’s your excuse? We are featuring the art of Manning Turner, a native New Yorker and all around fine fellow. It starts at 6pm so come out to Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Friday April 20th and hang out with me!