(Repost) March in April so May meets June! – MISTERDOCTER DEMOdds & Ends Spring 2015

Hey Peeps! I have been busy trying to figure out the  Online Storefront and Payment Portal side of the website (Go Check It!) and posting nothing except  products products products each day. Well today is no different. Nothing new to see here  because technically speaking this 9 song playlist of Mr  Dr. music was   Originally Posted on 7/28/2015    

Hey Alphabet! + You Can Buy our Tactical Tactile Textiles Online Right Now!

So press play on this hot piece below, then sit back and enjoy the latest track from Mr. Dr. ‘Hey Alphabet!” After that, why not head over and visit our online Mr. Dr. Streetwear Shop. We sell tactical tactile textiles to everybody. As a nation it seems to me that We are putting our physical selves out to pasture due to the constant timesuck of mental energy required from all things everywhere and all over…