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App Review Mark S. Music Motor Revving Seen & Shared Video Still Kills

Triller. An iOS App Review. + ‘There She Is’. A Video Made w/ Triller.

The iOS app Triller is fun but can be frustrating as well. Best suited for kids to make music videos lip synching to their favorite pop songs. /5 rating.

A few weeks ago my main man Expat Sean sent me a message on Facebook that read: this looks like something up your strasse

I was intrigued so I clicked on the link.
When you click on the link above it takes you to the Triller website. Next you have to input a phone number so they can send you the link to download Triller. What is Triller? It is automated video editing software for creating music videos. Triller has a library of current pop hits from artists like The Wknd or Drake, and you can film minute long videos using excerpts from the hit songs. This feature is fun for younger users for sure. But you can also use music from your own library. The app has you record 3 takes with the music you have selected and then edits the takes together into a single video. If you don’t like Triller’s edit you can ask it to re-edit the video of manually edit the 3 takes yourself. The video presented below is Triller’s first edit.
One drawback is that if you select the entire song to use then you have to do it all in one take. If you pick a five minute song, you must do three five minute takes. My iPod crashed a couple of times while recording takes which had me starting long takes all over again. There are 12 video filters to choose from to help differentiate the looks of your music video. Overall Triller is a simple to use, interesting app that is free. I recommend downloading Triller if you like making music videos.

Here is the video Triller created using my song ‘Groove To An End’.

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