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Come 2 The Denver Art Society 2Night! #FirstFriday #EverybodyGotWallsNeedsArt

Come celebrate tonight with the Denver Art Society as we help to kick off Denver Arts Week 2015! I will greet you at 734 N. Santa Fe Dr. and throw you a real cultural spark plug called First Friday. The Santa Fe Arts District throws a big block party on the first friday of every month. Art galleries stay open later to show their new exhibits. The streets fill with conversations shouted to be heard. Between monied patrons, mariachi, and gutterpunk jazz bands busking in the streets-Wait! I will only say that First Friday is a thing one needs experience, not be told about. Just meet me tonight at DAS.
Formed as an artist collective in 2009, DAS member artists work within the Denver community to help people pursue creative endeavors. When you come tonight (or any other time) there will be objet d’art in almost every medium imaginable; Sculpture, scenic photography and sounds of live music as well as paintings pastels or performance art. And best of all? You can buy almost all of the stuff you see and prettify some part of your home. Or you can gift it to loved ones, spreading love and beauty around them now. Come see us tonight before it snows for real, before the winter holidays begin to Walmart our senses and obligate feeling glad tidings of good cheer. A guy named Nick told me That the Christmas season officially starts Nov. 11 this year so we all better enjoy tonight…

Here is a video tour of DAS from a month ago that shows the diversity of art displayed at any one time.

Also please save the date of Dec. 17 for the 3Delights Night2015 Winter Arts Glimmer


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