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18 November, 2011 23:16

Subject (No subject)
Daddy fat sax fo yo sorrows…

And now what? Hanging with pimps and hoes. Young hoes? Underage hoes linked to niggas named ‘Ta Dow’? It is the constant hustle redefined. To be a
driver of sorts transporting hoes? My weed is better. No doubt. Is it a Vast criminal enterprise? Can I ever escape this life? This hustle? Is it worth the money?

Snitch? Nigga where’s my gun?
Deeper and deeper with
da crips. Thank god I’m unaffiliated. No wait, I switched my party to republican at Sean’s insistence so I could vote for Ron Paul in the 2008
Colorado Republican primary. Lord knows I never posed for slob or crab in the streets life.
A phone call at eleven p.m. Got me in. Can you come pick me up? asked My trucks broke down. Who do I pick up? 2 niggas two females. Young young females. I didn’t get a good look when they
piled into the back of the car along wit Big Mix. Big Mix be Six foot eight and three hundred twenty pounds. The three of them crammed in the backseat while  Ta Dow up front alone. a half pint of bathhouse vodka plastic screwtop lost in his lap. Can I get a little sip of that of course. Where exactly are we goin?
Alameda and sable my nigga. Where is sable? Where is the dope coming from? I once met the big boss I think. He sat passenger as I met co de
at sev. I didn’t look tried not to look but maybe that was big nigga mix up front. The circle contracts not so vast perhaps maybe a conspiracy of
just three, four including me. But what about the underage hoes? Can I- Or should I even call them hoes? Not looking turned out looking fresh as a
high school junior on her first day. Man she smiled at me! How can I rescue these girls… Should’ve been a cop. On the way to sable street I ask if
it’s by the aurora mall if they even call it that anymore. They changed the name after my Crigga walked in to see a Batman  thru the emergency exit back door …

Our first fight, or perhaps indeed our last. Stemmed from money of course, my lack of said resource and her eagerness to give it to me. Until
her eagerness waned and she calculated all those ducats.

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