Pecan Butter: A Reprisal Reappraisal

At first, the very glance of a blush of a pimple of an idea.  I will do an exploratory explanatory expository series on gourmet nut butters such as I can find within walking distance of my Denver Colorado house.  so today I’m trying a -we’re not gonna talk prices here but this is two hunnerd and fitty doller jar of pecan butter because you know… Yolo! I’ve never tried pecan butter I had one grandmother that said pecan another grandmother said pecan they never got along those two grandmothers they never met each other either. And because they never met each other. You can honestly say they never got along. They never hated each other. They never sent threatening letters of. I’m a pecan and you’re a pecan who needs a toupee too. But anyway, the pecan butter was purchased at sprouts market and I really gotta come in with love for sprouts market on having a lot of good varieties of nut butters. They had some that I did not know what the nut was that they made the butter out of but it was right there in bold on the label like I should know like peanut butter I know what a peanut is. I know what a pecan is. I know what a watermelon seed is. But Inchii Seed butter? Inchii something? anyway pecan butter variety pecans are usually paired with a pie, so perhaps not typically eaten by themselves celibate style you can think of pralines pecans pecans. I’m sorry grandma nice grandma grandma bad grammar bad grammar so as I’m mixing it this pecan butter was $20 for the jar it is what is the branding here I’m starting With. and so we can talk about the plans and we make the jokes about some the creamy a peanut butter is not really a nut butter it’s more of a butt Nutter. It’s too artificial, but it taste good too but peanut butter is really not made out of peanuts. Don’t tell anyone I told you that. But it’s true. Some peanut butter is actually less peanuts and more butter. Yeah I’m talking about arteries. I’m talking about pipes clogged so if you are gonna be a nut butter eater exclusively for added proteins, make sure that you get enough roughage as well because have you ever seen peanut butter roll downhill? nearby. So if you can, but I’m excited to try this mixed up, not quite all the way the color is like it was a brown mustard. I’m excited it’s another version. Pecan pecan bites the dust and I’ll be back in a minute to let you know how it taste it will it not pistachio French throne of the number one nut butter out they’re hard to tell. I’m excited you’re excited. Let’s get it righted

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