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Written By M D Stenger


Hello Mr. Williams,I appreciate your note last Tuesday was sent in earnest and I apologize for my delay in response to your communication. I have just now first seen and read it late on Saturday night. I am sure that I have no connection to any writing on walls with Markers. It’s true I am an oil painter but my medium is strictly canvas and certainly not walls of our building. I will come down to chat whenever you are available to do so. I sent you an email back in April in response to some previous allegations but for some reason I never did receive a response from you and have ever since been rather curious as to why. Upon receiving this second email from you I now understand why it is that you never responded to me. I somehow had your incorrect email address! And here is why I had your incorrect email address. In your email signature your email address is missing the “O” in LIVEDECODENVER.COM. Below are the two examples from your emails to me.

I did unhappily inhabit the impasse that was present in our discourse since April, but I celebrate it’s dissolution you caused by sending me your November 1 mail. It was only once I read your latest mail that I realized the error in your email signature.
Here then after this email’s cloture I will reprint my April response to you. I hope you can forgive my mistake in simply using the address in your signature when I replied to you back in April. I look forward to our conversation this week and as always will continue to pray for Deco staff and residents alike to remain in light.
Yours in Joy,
Mark Stenger

On Nov 1, 2022, at 12:50, Brandon Williams <> wrote:

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