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Day One Entry: Apr 23, 2017

I believe she has the perfected ass. This morning I caught a glimpse of her rear in black panties. Not thongs or granny – instead a kind of 3/4 cut divine reveal of her ass’ curvature; A heavenly sight not quite unlike man’s first celestial glimpses of our planet’s spherical nature that forever silenced those who would claim our Earth was flat. Indeed her posterior has a direct musical translation. The 2:36 mark of the Chuck Mangione track ‘Feels So Good’. My fellow humans are so greatly deprived by my eyes’ good fortune this morning. And I say unto thee my ass brethren, not only with her gluteous end doth she cause my heart to sing; her brains outshine that song’s refrain and demand my unceasing devotion.

1404 Ulysses St, Golden, CO, United States

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