Sometimes A Lack Of Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention.

Shiny Enough 4 Ya?
Shiny Enough 4 Ya?

Stenger Summer 16 Prints Peekaboo!

Summer! Sixteen! See (some of) my new art! Just watch the video. I dare thee not to find at least one image offensive…

(April Fools ➕ First Friday) ✖️ Denver Art Society = Welcome Donald Trump!

It’s true. Donny T is coming to the D on Friday.

Donny T could visit the Denver Art Society. We will be open, as will all the galleries on Santa Fe Dr.  It’s the #FirstFriday Artwalk!

Everyone in Colorado should come to DAS this Friday April 1st!

Donald Trump just might buy some decadent (read: Expensive) art from me and the other galleries on Santa Fe Dr.


Here is some very decadent art of mine for Donny T  2 eye and buy…