A Song I Wrote w/ Auxy

Auxy is a powerfully creative iOS app for making music. But it’s not just a ‘loops 4 dummies’ app. You have complete loop autonomy: Choose the notes, the tempo, sound timbres, even the key signature and much much more. But don’t take my word for it. Check out their website.

Listen to this song I created/performed with Auxy, and then go get it for yourself.
Auxy App!
Send me your best songs to mark@markstenger(dot)com!

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I Just Never Ever Wanted To Work 4 Anyone Else Ever Again…

My mantra these days. These 20 hour days. These banging my head against whatever is in front of me days. These fall asleep with the iPad on my chest days. These only friend is my will 2 win days. These solitary yam no brown sugar for dinner days. These happiest days of my life days.

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