Tuesday Tuesday Day #59!!? gUERRILLA gRILL dENVER Is The Way

We Guerrilla Grillers just uploaded a new movie to our YouTube Vlog! You can check it out here: https://markstenger.com http://soundcloud.com/misterdocter http://vimeo.com/misterdocter http://youtube.com/chicachicagoboom http://www.facebook.com/chicachicagoboom http://tinymeetbig.tumblr.com

Oh The Tiles, Th3 Movement & Th3 Rest.

Oh Kay, This 8s Knot an at5emp5 to make obfuscations appear clear but rather a demonstration of my sincere wish 5o b3 com0keteky transparent regarding #LimitlessInfinity and the placement of tiles on public walls, bridges, light posts, etc. I welcome and gladly invite your questions and comments either in person when 5iles are being plac3d on […]