Perfecting Perfect Example Proves Problematic, Melodic.

Just Another Double Rainbow Over The Denver Skyline…Full Arc!

Music by FUZZIEBUZZIE ©2⃣0⃣1⃣5⃣

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Hope You All Find Your Own Pot

Of Gold!

I Love 2 Tung & Gruv! (so does matty b.)

When people hear the name of my/our/Matt’s musical duo is Tung & Gruv, they sometimes ask-

“Which one are you, Tongue or Groove?”

My answer: Both. I am Tung and I am Gruv. As is my Partner in Cacophony, M. Bassano. He is Tung and he is Gruv. We both sing and speak and shout! We both break the beats out! Nuff Said?

For the uninitiated/uninterested here’s a Tung & Gruv video playlist

Listen 2 Songs From A Live Tung & Gruv Show!