Not For Everyone But Should Be

     Here is an outré video I did as a gift for a friend. At one point I told him the video would be done in twenty minutes. I of course proceeded to spend the better part of the next 12 hours working on it until 3:30 AM. Some if you out in WebVille, USA might consider those to be 12 hours wasted after watching half the video. But to those mean WebVilleans out there… WebVilleans? That was not planned, and way too easy. To you wicked WebVilleans out there I say-
Does a butterfly need lungs to fly?

I Gotta Remember This New Song Somehow…

Anybody Got some staff paper for a brother?

A Twist In Your Tryst

Don’t get me wrong- Soundcloud is a wonderful website. But I have reached the limit on free upload space and I really wanted you all to be able to listen to the latest MISTERDOCTER tracks as they come out. My solution? Make videos for the tracks and use Youtube. Now the sound quality on YouTube is not nearly as good as Soundcloud. But for now at least the music is up there in the cloud…
BTW, I used the iOS app Mixx 2 shoot the video.