Imagine 12 (Rather Imperfect) Video Examples Of The Song ‘Perfect Example’.

Ever have 12 of 1 of THOSE songs captured on video? When CCGB! Studios published a boomvie for yet another take on my song Perfect Example yesterday, i was forced to realize how my creative obsessiveness was now signposting me as either lazy or just weird. Who has 12 videos for one unfinished song? I do. So here they are. Special thanks 2 Katie Barrett, Mel DiMartini, Matty Bassano, & Hot Tub Jonny for their hard work on the song/videos in question. Oooh! If you have a favorite of these Perfect Examples please let me know…

That 1 Time I Walked down I-25 & Listened 2 Ratatat

Do Not Try 2 Duplicate Anything You See Below

Ratatat Music Online