Triller. An iOS App Review. + ‘There She Is’. A Video Made w/ Triller.

A few weeks ago my main man Expat Sean sent me a message on Facebook that read: this looks like something up your strasse

I was intrigued so I clicked on the link.
When you click on the link above it takes you to the Triller website. Next you have to input a phone number so they can send you the link to download Triller. What is Triller? It is automated video editing software for creating music videos. Triller has a library of current pop hits from artists like The Wknd or Drake, and you can film minute long videos using excerpts from the hit songs. This feature is fun for younger users for sure. But you can also use music from your own library. The app has you record 3 takes with the music you have selected and then edits the takes together into a single video. If you don’t like Triller’s edit you can ask it to re-edit the video of manually edit the 3 takes yourself. The video presented below is Triller’s first edit.
One drawback is that if you select the entire song to use then you have to do it all in one take. If you pick a five minute song, you must do three five minute takes. My iPod crashed a couple of times while recording takes which had me starting long takes all over again. There are 12 video filters to choose from to help differentiate the looks of your music video. Overall Triller is a simple to use, interesting app that is free. I recommend downloading Triller if you like making music videos.

Here is the video Triller created using my song ‘Groove To An End’.

This Is My Sunday Night. Music. Drums. Art. Dance.

Every Sunday night there is an open drum circle at the Denver Art Society which is hosted by Denver Drum & Dance. All are welcome. Let me say that again. All are welcome and encouraged to come. Bring a drum if you have one or just bring yourself. There are extra drums people bring so anyone can participate. Ecstatic dancing and hula hooping are also commonplace here on Sunday nights. There is a potluck snack table for communal utility as well as lots of beautiful artwork to peruse or purchase all around DAS. The evening begins at 6pm with live electronic music from MISTERDOCTER. Feel free to join in with vocals or any other instrumentation during his set. This night is really about open collaboration and creation of music and art. Around 7pm the drum circle begins taking shape and it continues until 9:30. So come experience Denver Drum & Dance Sunday Nights. We will uplift you.

Announcing Delight Night 2! 09.18.15 #TwerkingBeatsWorking

For Immediate Release!

September 18, 2015 is Confirmed Date for

Delight Night 2! #TwerkingBeatsWorking

Delight Night 2 will open to the public at 8 PM. Show starts approximately one hour later. DN2 takes place at McDonough’s Irish Pub,  10395 e. Iliff ave. 80247. (NW corner Iliff & Havana). While McDonough’s is known for cozy cocktails and a gorgeous patio to watch live music, they were recently crowned Best Bar Food in Denver/Aurora.

Delight Night 2 Highlights:

Free Donuts! w/ your paid admission courtesy Lamar’s Donuts, only the bestest freshest dang donuts in Colorado!

Taller Than You Think Comedy!
From HeckleProof Host Louziana Larry Love.

Lots & Lots of Live Music! –

Electronic Improv Artists

Tung & Gruv!

The Riotous Rock of

Big Green Carpet!

Homegrown Urban Folk Artist

Ian Colbert!

Sweet Hooks & Good Looks from


Much More 2 Come!

#TwerkingBeatsWorking 4